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We work primarily with our hands. We use a number of different kinds of techniques with specific intent both locally and on a region of the body.
In order to improve conditions for a joint, we can use

Manipulation, a quick tug that makes a popping sound in the joint

Mobilisation, a rhythmic pressure focusing on the joint in order to loosen the joint capsule and the ligament

Muscle energy technique, in order to get the musculature that is related to a joint to reduce tension

Fasciel treatment

Stretching of connective tissue
– Over muscles
– Around organs and their suspensory ligaments
– Around nerves and vessels
Listening to/feeling where the tissue is pulled or drawn towards

Cranial treatment
Stimulating the joints (sutures)
Stretching the connective tissue divisions and lining (membranes)
Stimulating the cranial rhythm
What is most important is not the technique itself, but rather which technique is appropriate for the given situation. The purpose and philosophy behind the treatment is decisive for the selection of the strategy of treatment.